Aug 17

Unplugging and Making Time to Nap

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New York Times, “Outdoors & Out of Reach: Studying the Brain”

Interesting piece in yesterday’s New York Times, when several noted neuroscientists are pulled from their academic worlds and spend a week rafting the San Juan River in southern Utah, out in the wildnerness, where cell phones and wi-fi simply don’t work.

Over the course of the week, they begin to tap into something those of us who travel already intuitively understand:  Unplug.  Simplify. Relax.  Give yourself permission to think, contemplate, read, nap, and even do nothing at all.  As most long-term travelers will attest, the restorative power of unplugging is tremendous.  It’s putting down the phone, unplugging the computer, and giving up our need to multitask that’s the tough hill to climb.

Unplugging.  Minimizing the multi-tasking.  Taking time to simply think.  And maybe even taking an occasional nap.

Kicking into our official RoadSchool year in the next few days, these are my new goals.  It’s bringing home what we learn on the road and making it part of the fabric of our lives.  So obvious, yet, so tricky.  And so, so important.

To a new school year and new beginnings!

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