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January 29, 2011

Skiing & Tubing in Colorado

How is it that we’ve wandered the globe, yet somehow, these Hawaii kids didn’t know snow?  Imagine discovering it for the first time, as Sacagawea did just a couple of weeks ago, as our travels took us to Winter Park Colorado.  She and Dundee learned to ski, we fell in love with tubing, and we hung out around the fire munching s’mores.  I think that’s what they call family bonding.

What’s really crazy, though, is that from it, I learned to make a movie and post it to YouTube.  Okay, perhaps it’s not destined for awards or greatness, but fun nonetheless.  Technology is an amazing thing.

Check out more pics from the adventure on our Facebook page,    Colorado Ski Adventure Pics January 2011

January 26, 2011

OBAMA — A Global Name

In honor of tonight’s State of the Union, figured this photo deserved top billing.  We ran across this tuk tuk in Chiang Mail, Thailand, back a couple of months ago.

Everywhere we traveled throughout Asia, people wanted to talk with us about our President.  In him, they see hope; they see opportunity; they see our future, and from ours, theirs.