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It’s always reassuring to know we’re not out here on our own. Others are doing it too, charting their own course with their own unique story to tell.  Stories about RoadSchool families keep popping up from time to time. When that happens, or we run across other cool travel-like stories worth reading, we like to share the news.


FIJI: Dear Banded Sea Snake


Fiji: Dear Banded Sea Snake is our story of blissful snorkeling in Fiji.

And our friend who decided to tag along.




A Paris Dinner Amongst Friends, TRAVELATI, June 2013



A Paris Dinner Amongst Strangers Friends, TRAVELATI, June 2013

Jim Haynes host an open dinner every Sunday in his Paris apartment.  We heard about it on NPR and had to check it out. This story recently appeared in TRAVELATI.

You can be sure, we’ll be back at Jim’s this year as well.  If you’re in Paris, make sure to stop by and tell him hello.




Changing Gears, Family on Bikes, Roadschool

Changing Gears: A Family Odyssey to the End of the World


Can one family really ride their bikes from the tippy top of Alaska to the tippy bottom of Argentina? And live to tell the story?  In fact they can.  Nancy Vogel does exactly that, with her husband and brave sons, then tells the story in her new book, Changing Gears. This amazing family decided to follow a road much less taken, and put their bikes, and their endurance, to the test. They thrived, they grew, they were chased by a bear, and they discovered themselves and each other on this incredible journey.  Their blog tells that story, plus so many more, as they return to the US and discover a new-found love of live and living and things you’ll do when you aren’t afraid.




Inside Out Hawaii Road Scholars March 2011Road Scholars, Inside Out Hawaii, March 2011

This piece about our family’s adventures hit local newstands in Hawaii as we were trekking around New Zealand, just missing the earthquake in Christchurch, then holing up in our campervan in Franz Josef while the tsunami barreled towards our little Hawaii beach. (Fortunately, our beach dodged the bullet, though Christchurch faces a long road ahead.)

We’ve been touched by the reaction our story generated and thrilled at the prospect of inspiring others to consider their own adventures. There is no right or wrong way to do something like this. That’s the secret. Do what works best for your family, at this moment, then just go. The details sort themselves out.



CSM Eat Pray Love EffectThis piece, The Eat Pray Love Effect: Going Way Beyond the Family Vacation appeared in the Christian Science Monitor,  May 2011. In the seven-part series, CSM explores the motivations, logistics, costs, and  pay-offs for the half dozen or so families interviewed.

I also featured a similar article in a blog post last winter, Taking Education on the Road. The TODAY Show series (including the article A movable feast: For some the world is a classroom) brought a lot of attention and coverage to the growing trend.