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We’re not the first to head down this road, and like everyone on the path, our journey is inspired by others who’ve had the courage to chart a new course. The well of resources is vast and deep.  Educators re-thinking what “education” really means, families heading out on innovative journeys of discovery and adventure, technology completely transforming how we do what we do.

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Sir Ken Robinson Changing Paradigms on EducationCHANGING PARADIGMS IN EDUCATION

Sir Ken Robinson, world renowned education and creativity expert and favorite TED speaker, turns conventional views of education completely upside down by arguing that our current system is killing creativity and not preparing kids to succeed in the real world. In this animate of one of his talks, the imagery makes his words even more compelling.

For the complete speech, check out his first TED talk, Ken Robinson Says Schools Kill Creativity, from 2006.  If, like me, you can’t get enough of this guy, then keep watching with his return presentation in 2010 Bring on the Learning Revolution!


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