Apr 21


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“You’re not children, you see.  You’re small adults,” our tablemates explained to Sacagawea and Dundee,  chatting  over dinner.  “Just other adults don’t always take the time to realize that.”

The Texas travelers,  we dubbed them.  An elegant pair from San Antonio, her with a heavy drawl and him, handsome, quiet and a bit understated.  Something about them suggested there was way more to the story.    Over crab legs and beef tenderloin, we were captivated by their global adventures.  We think we’ve gone places, done things!   From Mumbai to the ‘Stans (Uzbekistan, Kakakstan, and the others I can’t remember, or spell), they’ve made it their mission to see the world.  Couldn’t really pinpoint when they morphed from the occasional vacation to a nomadic lifestyle…it just happened, they say.

Maybe it was after their only daughter lost her battle with cystic fibrosis at 26.  She loved travel, too.  Just needed a bit of a nudge from time to time.  “Uggh!  I don’t want to go to Italy!”  she insisted once when they suggested it.

Skilled parenting is an art.  “Any interest in seeing Pompei?” mom asked casually one day.

“Oh yes!  That sounds fascinating!  I’d love to see that!”

A week or two later, mom struck again.  “By the way, wanna see the coliseum, the home field of the Roman gladiators?”

“I’ve heard about that!  It sounds wonderful!  Let’s go there instead!”

Patiently biding her time, mom waited again.   “The isle of Capri sounds awfully  interesting,” she finally mentioned casually over dinner one night.

“So exotic!  Let’s see that too!”

“Wonderful, my dear!” Mom explained, “seems you want to go to Italy after all.”

Traveling.  Taking a new land – seemingly different and intimidating from a distance – and cultivating a new friend.  Finding the special nooks and crannies, it’s best kept secrets (as well as those not-so-secret spots),  discovering the qualities,  quirks, and peculiarities that give it life, then weaving that tapestry into your own.

Taking it out for a spin and getting to know yourself in the process.  Never planned to travel the globe.  Just figured there were some spots around the corner that deserved to be explored.  And here we are.


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