Jul 24

Captain, Chef, Conchologist, Hosts, Friends — The Tale of an Amazing Couple

by in Australia

John Boyce has had sailing in his blood since he was a kid.  That’s obvious the moment you step aboard.  He designed every inch of this boat, and carefully directed its creation over 3 1/2 years; his vision, the perfect private charter vessel.  By our measure, the reality exceeds his wildest expectations.

Lynne Boyce is just one of those women.  You marvel at her; you admire her; you learn from her . . . and you secretly wonder if she isn’t stashing Superman’s kryptonite in her small cabin below.  How else does she possibly pull it all off so effortlessly?

Together, Lynne and John are a match made in heaven — or perhaps at sea.  Lynne left her native England to explore the world, found her passion in shell collecting, and migrated to Australia on the whimsical tales of Banfield’s Confessions of a Beachcomber. John’s had sailing in his blood since childhood, and mixed with a good measure of entrepreneurial adventure, he seemed destined to a life of adventure on the water.  Together, they’ve been chartering adventures around Sydney during the summers and the Whitsundays by winter for well over two decades.  And by our measure, there’s no chance of them getting bored and moving on anytime soon.

Lynne’s life’s passion — the shells, the seas they inhabit, and the amazing symbiosis that makes nature so enchanting — is infectious.  She’s not just a guide through this spectacular world; she’s it’s steward, and she brings her guests into its spell. And she manages to do it while the chicken’s in the oven, the prawns are marinating in the galley, and the potatoes await her touch to peel and prepare.  Three gourmet meals per day appear effortlessly, and between each, adventures to some of the most spectacular vistas, waters and hidden gems of this Australian paradise. . . . and she does it all, smiling, welcoming, effortlessly.

John, the quintessential  captain, takes the helm, charts the course, and brings the adventure up close and personal for each of us…while always making sure the chardonnay is chilled and ready in time for sunset.  His vintage Aussie charm and quick wit give way to delightful conversation, and he’s quick to find the passion in each of us.  He’s taken Dundee under his wing, sharing sailing instruction and stories of the seas, while he and Sacagawea have become fast friends, affectionately nicknaming her “Zoomie” for her lightening speed underwater.

Our week in the Whitsundays has been magical, to be sure.  Memories will last a lifetime, and perhaps we’ve been changed, if even just slightly, by the wonder and inspiration of this special place.  Seasoned vagabonders always say, tho, that it’s the friends you make along the road that make travel special, weaving the fabric of connectivity between people and lands.  I’m quite sure we now understand exactly what they mean.

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