Nov 12

Acapulco, Mexico

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Cliff divers of AcapulcoYes, it means aging hippies, spring break brawls, recent drug trafficking and violence, and polluted waters in the 90’s.  But today, it simply meant fun.

We’d heard about the cab drivers who end up at their cousin’s jewelry store, and whose rates can vary by the moment.  But that wasn’t our experience.  Just off the ship, we walked for a bit and happened upon Jorge, a local driver with AC (yes, it matters when it’s this hot!), perfect English, and amazing customer service.  With him, we saw Acapulco through his lens.  The cliff divers, of course, who are simply breathtaking.  It’s a generational thing, passed down from father to son (and now daughter).  The first girl just joined the gang…she’s twelve, and looking to be a star!  We watched in awe as they climbed down the cliffs into the water, then back up the other side.  Studying the waves and the water, they time it perfectly, leaving the cliff in perfect form and slicing into the water just as the wave crests in the cove.  Simply amazing. Rippin' it every time.

From the cliffs through the streets and local markets, we headed on to Fuerte San Diego, where we saw how Acapulco protected itself from the Spanish pirates.  Cannons, galleons, gangplanks, and treasure….what’s not to love!

Then off to the local beaches.  It looks and feels like Waikiki, a row of hotels, “beach boys” and activities.  But Dundee had a specific adventure in mind.  With Jorge as his guide, we made our way through the loading docks of a local hotel and onto the beach.  A brief discussion, a harness, and he’s off….Dundee parasailing over

Dundee, Airborne!

Dundee, Airborne!

Acapulco!  His feet kept running as the boat pulled him from shore, and before he knew it, he was gliding over the Acapulco coastline.  Check out the smiles….a perfect day!

Soaring with the birds (and the chopper, just out of site)!

Soaring with the birds (and the chopper, just out of site)!

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