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June 19, 2013

Castle Magic

Collarbeg Castle, Scotland

Kailua, our little beach town in Hawaii, is the sweat pants of female fashion. Seriously, if you are living aloha there, you’re either sweaty, sandy or sopping wet most of the time anyway, and should you try to wear make-up, it slides off your face sometime before noon. Okay, of course there are exceptions to […]

Powell Berger

May 30, 2013

Being an American Around the Globe

Australian Defence Force Memorial, Kings Park, Perth Australia

“Its rather difficult traveling the world as an American, isn’t it?” our Australian host asked as we drove from the airport.  It startled me.  I’d been relieved when Obama took the White House; we were traveling in Asia and Europe at the time, and the political discussions under the Bush era had become tiresome. And […]

Powell Berger

May 25, 2013

Whale Sharks

Austin and a whale shark, Ningaloo Reef, Australia

“Great idea,” Owen (my 23 year old son who’s off doing his thing in the world) commented when we told him we wanted to swim with whale sharks.  “All of you in open waters, hundreds of feet deep, swimming with sharks larger than school buses. What could possibly go wrong?”  Truth is, Emmi and I […]

Powell Berger

May 25, 2013

Perth — A Vibe and an Attitude that Fits

Perth Australia Bus Sign

We wandered into Perth for a couple of days on our way up to Ningaloo reef. We hadn’t loved Adelaide, where we’d spent one night before flying on to Perth. While the surrounding areas – Kangaroo Island, the wine regions, and Hahndorf were wonderful – the city left us cold and ready to move on. […]

Powell Berger

May 24, 2013


Ningaloo Coast, Western Australia

The Aboriginal culture uses the term Walkabout to describe a journey of unforeseen destination and adventure in an effort to find one’s soul.  It’s a journey of unknowns –  destination, duration, and discovery. You go, then one day, you return. And in that time, it is believed, you find what you’ve been seeking. Sitting in […]

Powell Berger

May 16, 2013

The Power of Less — A Book, but also a Lifestyle?

There’s a little independent book shop in Sydney we love.  It’s in the Rocks, and we happened upon it our first time to Australia, when everything seemed so exotic and foreign and new.   It was our first year roadschooling, and Emmi discovered the magic of literature from that store. Those few books, Australian classics but […]

Powell Berger