May 12

WE’RE BACK! (Sometimes life gets in the way)

by in All Travels

“There seems to be something about Australia,” Emmi opined as she saw the most recent blog post.  She’s right. We started this project on our first adventure down-under, and while we’ve since logged a lot of miles around the globe, my blogging consistency hasn’t been quite so robust.

That’s life, I think. We start down a path, but sometimes, unexpected turns shift and alter our course. Ours has been an adventure of discovery since that first voyage.  We’ve traveled some 300,000 miles (at least that’s what TripIt tells me), through almost 50 countries, and (perhaps a freaky weird highlight of some sort), even managed to hit three Disney parks (California, Florida and France) in one year.

But our greatest adventures have been those of self-discovery and growth.  I’ve watched my two children grown into healthy, vibrant, curious teenagers, and am grateful that, at least for the moment, they still tolerate me enough to explore the world with me.   We’re still road schooling, one school year at a time, and I’m thrilled at their intellectual maturity and curiosity. Our schedule isn’t as rigid as it once was — pajama days are frequent — and their educational interests have taken original and personalized courses.  Austin is the maturing writer in the family, and Emmi the budding artist.  While neither lists science at the top of their list, their knowledge of botany, biology and how-the-world-works astonishes me daily.  And we still manage to maintain a good course load of all the basics — math, grammar, literature, and the Iike.  Oh, and for those worried about these things, others report with relief that the kids are remarkably well socialized and manage just fine in a crowd of people, including folks of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities and experiences.

They say the way to make God laugh is to tell him your plans.  I never meant for this blog to sit dormant for so long, but life got in the way. God giggled, but I think it’s okay. I’m back at the keyboard. We are out on the road. The world of educational reform and discovery is greater than ever, and we’ve got some great stories to tell.  Thanks for sticking with us.

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