Jul 06

Sensational Sydney

by in Australia

A bit more of Bryson’s wisdom rings true:  An air of cheerful industriousness suffuses the scene.  These are people who get to live in a safe and fair-minded society, in a  climate that makes you strong and handsome, in one of the world’s great cities — and they get to come to work on a boat from a children’s storybook, across a sublime plane of water and each morning glance up and see that famous Opera House and inspiring bridge and the laughing face of Luna Park.  No wonder they look so damned happy.

In our three blissful days so far in Sydney (including the extra one the date line gave us), we’ve come to know exactly what he means.  First, meet  Johnny, the delightful chap claiming to be in negotiations to buy the charming Cremorne Point B&B we’re staying in, who offered us his Mercedes to get to dinner one night.  (We declined, noting that we’d rather practice driving on the wrong side of the street in a rental car first.)  Then, there’s that skyline, blissful by day and absolutely exquisite by night, and those iconic views of the Opera House and bridge, imposing from every angle.  And finally, there’s the whole food scene:  internationally infused, yet distinctly Australian.  Where else can you find a restaurant where you order your meat at the counter, cook it on the barbie conveniently located in the middle of the joint, and swill beers with your fellow grill mates in the process?

We’ve delighted in a taste of it all.  We’ve enjoyed the symphony at the Opera House (and hope that our fellow listeners understood our sleeping nods to be ones of melodic enjoyment, not simply jetlag), grilled steaks on the barbie at The Oaks in Neutral Bay and at the Mosman Bar & Grill,   Columbus and Dundee braved the Bridge Climb to shout at the tops of their lungs from the pinnacle of the bridge, and we’ve spun, twisted, dangled and slid through the rides of Sydney’s iconic amusement spot, Luna Park. 



It’s a magical city…the launching spot for a magical adventure.

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