Jul 06

A Common Language — Yet not so common after all

by in Australia

Just when you start to feel right at home…they speak the same language, and it feels strangely familiar…you’re quickly reminded that Down Under has its own rules of language.  Take our bus ride from Mosman Wharf into Mosman last night.  We’d walked from Cremorne around the bay, across these wonderful wooden bridges, and found ourselves at Mosman Rowers Club, only to discover it’s closed on Mondays.  Not to be outdone, we decided to venture on into Mosman for dinner.  As we waited on the bus, a delightful, elderly woman stepped aboard, and mentioned to the driver that there’d not been a sighting of Lord Nelson recently.  With a glance our way as she settled in next to us, she went on to explain that Lord Nelson is a 50′ sleek black sailboat, often moored (and staffed) at Mosman awaiting her owner’s whims to sail.  She explained the boat with great detail …her sleek design, towering mast, perfectly polished trim.  ”That’s not to be missed,” I exclaimed, engaging in conversation with her.  She looked a bit startled — perhaps slightly agitated — as she corrected me.  ”No, as I said, it’s Lord Nelson.”

Our new best friend, she went on to explain that the Mosman Hotel, where we thought we might dine, isn’t in Mosman at all.  The Buena Vista one, however, is right in the middle of Mosman and is simply wonderful, particularly at lunch, when they offer the two-for-one.  She entertained us all he way up the hill and into town.  As we headed our separate ways, she noted she’d once worked on “the mainland,” in Ohio actually.  A soul mate for Columbus.

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